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More than a year in the making! Enjoy.

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Patience… I’m back soon

New Shit Very Soon!

I’m working on a total revamp of my portfolio and blog. Will be back soon with lot’s of new shit. Meanwhile follow me and my brothers daily blogging at or on our Facebook Page… and you can always check up on me on

Stuff to check out:

adidas Originals MEGA Diner

Créol Brothers x The Inoue Brothers: The UBUNTU Collection, The Lagoon Lookbook, The Launch Event.

Créol Brothers X COVER Magazine: T-shirt collaboration + photos from store.

Créol Brothers with Freitag in Zürich.

adidas Originals Womens Lookbook

adidas Originals Star Wars

adidas Originals The Street Where Originality Lives

More adidas Originals

Simon Rasmussen Fashion Show

Créol Brothers Late Summer Chill-out.

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News Jan-Feb ‘10


A lot of stuff going on lately. Just returned back from our Montréal office where I spent 2 weeks working on a very exciting pitch. Keeping my fingers x’ed for that one. We’re launching a bunch of stuff on adidas Originals at the moment. Check out our youtube channel for latest videos and also the newly relaunched

I’m planning on an entirely new portfolio some time in the near future, but I’m not going to give ya a date ; )

Keep checking back once in a while… and for daily updates remember to check Kriss on

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010

2009 has been an amazing year in many ways, but i can’t help but feel that 2010 is going to be even greater! A lot of the hard work I’ve put into projects will finally launch in the new year, so stay tuned.

I wish all of you a very happy new year!

… and don’t forget to visit our blog: Créol Brothers

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Ronaldinho Crossbar Revival

Feels like ages ago we worked on this little viral piece at Framfab (Lbi). Now 5 years and 50 million+ views later, Campaign and BrandRepublic lists it as the best Viral of the decade (ever?). Brings back great memories!

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Sid Qee for VinylCPH

VinylCPH - Sid Lee - Sid Qee

The Vinyl CPH exhibition is set in motion by a great passion for designer toys - a phenomenon where the established art scene meets urban culture. The aim of the project is to break down boarders between art and graphic design, by letting a selected group of artists give life to 30 blank 20 inch Vinyl toys.

I was invited to take part in Vinyl CPH. I received a blank white Qee. In return I had to come up with a brilliant idea of how to decorate the little fellow. There were no restrictions on which tools to use or materials to apply.

The outcome, dubbed ‘Sid Qee’, is an insight into the crooked mind of the Sid Lee Artisan. Replacing the head of the Vinyl toy with a small TV showing a slightly disturbing video loop.

The exhibition will run at Danish Architecture Center DAC from the 1st of December to the 2nd of February 2009/2010. It will also be showcased and for sale on the website all proceeds are donated to Red Cross - so go shop!

See the video and photos from the vernissage at Karrierebar in the meat-packing district in Copenhagen below.
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Simon Rasmussen Updates

Simon Rasmussen - Updtates!

I’ve just taken the time to update my good friend Simon ‘the diamond’ Rasmussen’s online presence. Go check out his amazing body of work!

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Vinyl CPH

Vinyl CPH - kRiSs cRéoL

Once again it’s been a looong time with no updates. But here’s a little sneak peak for ya on my contribution for the upcoming Vinyl CPH exhibition. If you have the time swing by the opening at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen the 25′th of November and say hi!

Other than that stay tuned for tons of new adidas work launching in twenty ten! Oh yeah and me and my brothers blog is now officially in English - so check out Créol Brothers for daily updates.

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London Randoms

London Town

In London shooting. Check a selection of flix over on Créol Brothers.

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Missed me!?

OMG - kRiSs cRéoL updates!

I’m starting to realize that running two blogs is not really a winning formula. As you’ve probably noticed it’s been unusually quite here, so I’ve decided to change the concept a tiny bit. So from now on this space will be mostly personal photo’s and stories, as well as serve as my portfolio until I get my ass on the Cargo Collective (in case you don’t now this is the new myspace for creatives - ha!)

If you miss my other ramblings please visit me and my brothers blog on called Créol Brothers. It’s in danish, but a little google translate will get you far!

oh and back to the update… it’s a big one. I’ve uploaded a bunch of personal projects I’ve done over the last 5 months, check ‘em out below or click the links (remember to click ‘read more’ to see details):

Morten Breum - DROP!

I AM part 6

Morten Breum - SINGLES

Re-Cover “Dire Straits”

Reflect Rainbow

I AM J.Lindeberg

I AM - A Night with the Knights

If you’re wondering where all the work for adidas Originals is (that’s my day job), then don’t worry! - A lot of exciting things are in the making, so stay tuned. I’m off to London next week on a 11 day shoot for the new SS10 campaign, it’s big.

Talk soon’ish - LaKriss

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