Sid Qee for VinylCPH

VinylCPH - Sid Lee - Sid Qee

The Vinyl CPH exhibition is set in motion by a great passion for designer toys - a phenomenon where the established art scene meets urban culture. The aim of the project is to break down boarders between art and graphic design, by letting a selected group of artists give life to 30 blank 20 inch Vinyl toys.

I was invited to take part in Vinyl CPH. I received a blank white Qee. In return I had to come up with a brilliant idea of how to decorate the little fellow. There were no restrictions on which tools to use or materials to apply.

The outcome, dubbed ‘Sid Qee’, is an insight into the crooked mind of the Sid Lee Artisan. Replacing the head of the Vinyl toy with a small TV showing a slightly disturbing video loop.

The exhibition will run at Danish Architecture Center DAC from the 1st of December to the 2nd of February 2009/2010. It will also be showcased and for sale on the website all proceeds are donated to Red Cross - so go shop!

See the video and photos from the vernissage at Karrierebar in the meat-packing district in Copenhagen below.
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Vinyl CPH

Vinyl CPH - kRiSs cRéoL

Once again it’s been a looong time with no updates. But here’s a little sneak peak for ya on my contribution for the upcoming Vinyl CPH exhibition. If you have the time swing by the opening at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen the 25′th of November and say hi!

Other than that stay tuned for tons of new adidas work launching in twenty ten! Oh yeah and me and my brothers blog is now officially in English - so check out Créol Brothers for daily updates.

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Ricky Allman

Ricky Allman

Ricky Allmans is:

born: provo, ut 1978
wives: 1
height: 5′7″
weight: 255 update! 155
eyes/hair/beard: brown
kids: 2
tattoos: 0
rodeo trophies: 0

…and his artwork blows me away. See more after the jump.

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Original Fake Warm Regards Bar

Original Fake

Originally, Warm Regards was a mural created for the Beautiful Losers exhibition at the Orange County Museum in Newport Beach, CA. Since then it has been used as a pattern on apparel and accessories. As a special item the Warm Regards Bar is the first toy from Original Fake this year.

mmmhhhh - love these! via:

More pics after the jump.

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Let it rain

Rain Installation

The sun is out here in Amsterdam and it feels like spring. But if you miss rain you should check out this installation by Stacee Kalmanovsky.

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Google liquified

Zevz Google

ZEVZ does his thing on Google. Very nice.

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Starving Artists

Starving Artists

This week, the Sid Lee Amsterdam gallery will stage the first Starving Artists collective show. It is an affordable showcase of the most promising artists and undiscovered talents. There will be 5 artists in the show.

If you are in Amsterdam swing by Sid Lee thursday evening for the opening of the Starving Artists exhibition. There is some real talent here.. and it’s going to be fun! Pics after the jump… cheers!

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Ad busting

Ad Busting

Ad Busting in Berlin… street artists stick photoshop palettes on the overly retouched posters. Nice!

Crew: (FTW) / Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy! 

More pics at

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Photoshop - Fo’Real!

Photoshop For Real

This is unbelievably cool if you’re a Photoshop nerd like me! The making of footage here.

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Normann Take-off

We are pleased to inform you that our new Plane will take off on October the 17th from Magasin’s P-hus in Copenhagen. Due to risk of overbooking we kindly ask you to contact you nearest Normann Copenhagen Sales Agent and confirm your flight… COPENHAGEN WE WILL ROCK YOU!  Bon voyage.

Normann invites to party on Friday celebrating the launch of their new product Plane designed by Ole Søndergaard. See more on

Normann / Monorex
London artists collective Monorex will be creating live artwork - decorating walls and 20 pairs of Reebok sneakers for some very lucky guests.

Also competing for your precious time on friday is the Wood Wood Adidas AZX release. You decide.

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