Pinos Playa

Pinos Playa - Mallorca

Wow… think this might be the longest stretch where I haven’t updated the blog. Just been on vacation for 8 wonderful days at the bay of Cala Santanyi on Mallorca - no tweeting, spacebooking or blogging at all! - Pure health! Got to take my new camera for a test run,  check out photos from my trip here.

Will get back to blogging here soon; also have a bunch of new work to post in the portfolio section - so stay tuned and in the meantime check out the Créol Brothers blog (you can google translate if you don’t understand danish) or my Twitter.

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The Divers View

The Divers View

How does it feel to stand on the 10m platform at the enormous Water Cube in Beijing? The New York Times did this fullscreen 360 panorama that gives you an idea. With US diver Thomas Finchum giving an explanation.

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