The Ronin Reel 2009

The Ronin Reel 2009

Spent a long nice sunny easter in Amsterdam, with my good friend Tim from DK and my girlfriend. Been slow on the blog updates… feels so good to sign-out once in a while!

The Ronins new ‘09 Reel is the perfect drug to kickstart a new week. So smooth and moody… diggin’ it!

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Some cool print and motion work over at

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Tim Brown

Thomas Ulrik

Really good video and print work by Tim Brown.

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The Crisis of Credit

The financial crisis visually explained.

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FITC Amsterdam

FITC Amsterdam

If you were lucky enough to attend our FITC Amsterdam 2008, you know what it’s all about. If you missed it, you’re going to want to grab a ticket before they’re all gone. There is no other event quite like it. The combination of unbelievable presenters from around the globe, incredible networking opportunities, and the infamous FITC parties, all with the amazing backdrop of the city of Amsterdam, creates a stage set for the unexpected.

I’m looking forward to the FITC Amsterdam starting on sunday till tuesday! Lot’s of really cool speakers and workshops lined up! If you are planning to attend and want to meet drop me a mail.

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In2media New Site

All that glitters ain’t gold

My old colleagues and good friends at In2media have finally released a new website to go with their stylish new surroundings at Rosevængets Allé on Østerbro in Copenhagen. Their new slick site is well worth a visit. Love the subtle wavy animations and smooth transitions, and really digg the stylish news-blog implementation as well as the cleverly thought browse history and suggestions. Congrats guys!

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Jokeren feat. Blæs Bukki

My homeboy Ulle Luv just finished the new video for danish rap star Jokeren featuring the talented Blæs Bukki.

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Free-Doom for Gaza with Fakepilot

Swedish motion designer Fakepilot stands up and speaks for gaza. Stop the meaningless killing of children and civilians! Please read more at his blog.

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Toshiba - Timesculpture

Over 200 cameras where used for this timesculture ad created for Toshiba by Hungryman. Nice!

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More than 90 minutes

Nothing has a stronger following than football. Now Carlsberg honours the fans and their passion for the ultimate game by launching

A normal football game last no longer than 90 min. For a true football fan the remainder of the week is a dreary wait for the next match.
With we offer fans a place to hang out while they wait – a place entirely focused on their passion for football and dedicated to fans from all over the world, who can gather and share their glorious victories, proud defeats, and epic moments. gives fans 7 constantly updated channels – all celebrating football. The 7 channels are: HIGHLIGHTS, SPOTLIGHT, MY PASSION, THE SUPPORT, THE MATCH, ON TOUR and OUR GAME.

The online channel has its own editorial team who travels around the world producing stories. But the users also have a key role in the further development and production of the content. On users can create profiles and upload their own videos about being, thinking and living as a supporter.

While part of the In2media / Brandzation team, I worked on the concept and design for everything from logo, breakers/idents and interface design to campaign material, merchandise and car decorations.

POTG.tvAbove: logo

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