Adidas SLVR SoHo Store

Adidas SLVR

If the Apple Store Sold Clothing …

adidas opened its first adidas SLVR store, designed by Sid Lee in partnership with Aedifica, during New York Fashion Week. The New York Times seems to have appreciated the new retail concept store.

Located in Soho, the 250 square meter space reflects the values of the adidas SLVR brand, including simplicity, transparency and functionality. Other SLVR stores are set to open this year in Paris, Miami, Bangkok, Berlin and Moscow.

via the Sid Lee Day Lee

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We wanted a way of writing the name that could embody the values of the Museum, something that seemed inventive and surprising, and that could appear in different ways on different occasions. 

Interesting blog post over at Pentagram, the creators of the new identity for Museum of Arts and Design. A great description of their thoughts and insights in their work process. A simple idea and logo, that when executed across Identity, Typeface, Collateral, Exhibition Catalogs, Products, and Advertising, becomes very powerful. Go MAD.

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Leaving NYC

Leaving NYC

I can’t really believe it myself, but 3 months has gone by since I came to New York, and since I started this blog, partly as an excuse for not writing personal mails to my friends and family… sorry. The summer is nearing an end and now it’s time to leave this fantastic city and head back to Copenhagen and fall.

I have made fabulous new friends, worked on some amazing projects, partied long and hard, seen some crazy shit, heard some wicked concerts, done insane shopping, used too much money and generally just had a blast.

The reason for coming here at the first place was to see how I would like living in this fast-paced and hectic city. New York has not succeeded in intimidating me… I will definitely return! And this time settling down for longer. For updates on this… stay tuned to the blog.

Photos from my last month in NYC can be seen on FB:
(UPDATE: links now works for public viewing!) 

The Last of New York (1/2)
The Last of New York (2/2)

See you in CPH! xx kRiSs

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Tillykke Mads!

Mads NYC / Bdag

My lil’ bro and his girl came over for a visit in the apple. They just left today after an eventful 8 day stay. Today is also his birthday and I kinda feel bad for him having to spend 14 hours traveling instead of celebrating. So I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday here.

Once I get the time I’ll try and dig through the stacks of photos I’ve snapped over here and post some new ones for ya.

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Clipse at the Highline Ballroom

Clipse at the Highline Ballroom

Went to see Clipse with friends yesterday at The Highland Ballroom. My homie Steve has a blog post up about the event with some of the pics we took. Go read about it there.

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Homeless creativity


Met this guy on the way to work. He got my vote… and a dollar!

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Blueprint pt. 3

So I went to Kanye West “Glow in the Dark” tour yesterday at Madison Square Garden with NERD and Lupe Fiasco supporting.
NERD delivered a good live show as expected but Lupe Fiasco really killed it with his energetic performance-  having seen him warmup for Jay-Z in London a couple of years ago with a rather mediocre show this was really something else. 

Kanye of course delivered one of the biggest shows I’ve ever witnessed, with theatric story line and crazy large format screens, laser show, spaceships and what not. Performing nothing but hits like only he can pull off. But the highlight of the night was still the grand finale where none other than Jay came and gave a little taste of what we have in wait when Blueprint pt. 3 drops…
check it out. Fresh out the frying pan.

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Behind the glass

NYC Safari

We went to the American Museum of Natural History this weekend and it was magical, even though all the special exhibitions where sold out and we only had time to see 2 of 5 floors before they closed.

I shot some pics of the many stuffed animals on exhibit and the reflexions in the window glass intrigued me to play around with them. Have a look.

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Photos from New York

New York Photos

Finally!… I’ve uploaded New photos from New York on my facebook. This time the albums include pictures from my road trip on Long Island as well as from a fucking awesome Santogold / Diplo / Atrak concert in Central Park.

The line for the concert was insane… I’m starting to get used to that though, it’s seems to me that everything in NYC requires standing in line and I must say that new yorkers have a very good line-culture in regards to being patient and not cheating. I recorded a small video of the line on my camera, check it out here:


Check out the photos here:

New York, New York (1/2)
New York, New York (2/2)

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Road trip to Montauk

Montauk Surf
Montauk is known for it’s surf. I’ve already shopped a small bodyboard - let’s go!

Hey it’s been a while since the last post, so I just thought I would give you a little sign of life.
Last week kept me busy, my girlfriend Pernille finally came over to visit after successfully completing her exams back in Copenhagen (Congrats Pe!), and also I had a lot of work at Hungry Elephant that I needed to finish before taking a week off (whoohoo).

I wanted to get out of the city and get some fresh air, see some of the countryside and most of all go to the beach. So after celebrating 4th July with fireworks and a ‘dansker’ party in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - we rented a car and set out on a little 5 day road trip on Long Island. We decided to drive up Route 25A instead of The Long Island Highway which was nice ’cause it makes it’s way through wineries, winsome villages and sandy vistas, and also historic sights like Roosevelt’s old mansion on Sagamore Hill. Later we did some shopping at the Tanger Outlets (which consists of more than 165 brand name outlet’s), before heading down to South Hamptons. 

Right now I’m writing from our neat little Montauk Motel after spending most of the day at the beach and by the pool. Montauk is a small village situated at the tip of the South Fork of Long Island (Montauk plays a prominent role in Michel Gondry’s film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. - which I really like!) We’re going to stay here and relax the next couple of days… I’ll upload some NY and Montauk pics once we get back to the city.

Montauk Map

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