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DMC & Afra kicking it at the House Party!

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All day I dream about sneakers

All day I dream about sneakers

All Day I Dream About Sneakers is a collaborative project from adidas Originals and Lifelounge, inspired by the brand’s avid creed of ‘Celebrate Originality’.

This adidas book project dates back to oktober… but is well worth a re-visit / look! Also some great picture of the creation process.

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FWA to adidas Originals

adidas Originals - FWA SOTD

I’m happy! Today adidas Originals won a FWA Site Of The Day Award! Congrats to the whole SID LEE adidas team in both Montréal and Amsterdam!

More about the work here.

Above 3D FWA logo by my mate Fantastisk

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The Simpsons House Party

YEAH! Guess who decided to show up to our party!

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adidas Originals

Adidas Originals

Woohoo! Finally after months of hard work the adidas Originals site goes LIVE!
Kudos to everyone who worked hard and long on this.

Go through each room and see all the stuff you missed from the House Party, or take a ride down memory lane
in the 60 Years Timeline, or maybe get your groove on in the Womens Lookbook.

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