Photos from New York

New York Photos

Finally!… I’ve uploaded New photos from New York on my facebook. This time the albums include pictures from my road trip on Long Island as well as from a fucking awesome Santogold / Diplo / Atrak concert in Central Park.

The line for the concert was insane… I’m starting to get used to that though, it’s seems to me that everything in NYC requires standing in line and I must say that new yorkers have a very good line-culture in regards to being patient and not cheating. I recorded a small video of the line on my camera, check it out here:


Check out the photos here:

New York, New York (1/2)
New York, New York (2/2)

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More photos from New York


On request from friends and family I uploaded more pics from my stay in New York on my Facebook.

You can take a peak at them here.

cheers kRiSs

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All new blog & New York City

New York

I finally got the time to create myself a blog. I named it LaKriss and other sweet stuff! and as the name indicates it’s going to be about me and my endeavors in the creative industry and in life in general, as well as other artists and creatives work and stuff I find inspiring while traveling, surfing the web, going out or just chilling in my hometown Copenhagen with my friends.

While we’re waiting for me to redesign and update my site (I know it’s been a while, my harddrive broke down with everything on it! I won’t bore you with details, but kids BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP… can’t say it enough times - I learned the hard way!). In the meantime I will be posting some random work stuff here, I have a lot of new exciting work to showcase. I just made this quote ’cause I think it looks good :0

Right now as you can see from the picture I’m in New York where I’m going to freelance for the next 3 months for Hungry Elephant. I’m working with my good friend Andrew Smart on Hungry Elephants own identity and site as well as clients Mercedes AMG and possibly Ray Ban. Other of Hungry’s clients include Adobe, Verizon, Scion and Yahoo!, so I’m sure it’s going to be a challenging and awarding experience staying here… it already has. Hungry Elephant just moved to new offices the same day I started, so it’s new to everyone - not just me! We’re located at 236 W 30th st. 8 floor, come by for a glass of rye! I’ll post some sneak peaks at what I’m working on here soon… so check back regularly ;)

Other than that - NYC is great! What can I say it’s the city that never sleeps! I’ve hooked up with old friends and new ones and done quite a bit of partying, it seems like there is always something to do when you’re in New York. I’ve had a wonderful 2 and a half weeks so far. I’m staying in Skaden and Stevies cozy East Village apartment (thnx guys!). For anyone who’s been here you’ll know that it is located at the heart of East Village surrounded by some of the best restaurants, cafés you can find and close to vibrant LES and SoHo.
And oh yeah… I got a bike! After i started biking here I can’t imagine not having one. It definitely is the best means of transportation even considering the manhattan traffic. You just see and discover so much more of the city than sitting in a dull cap or crowded subway.

For pictures from my New York trip so far check out:

So I think that should be enough for this first post - see ya soon.

xx kRiSs

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